Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some things we have been up to lately....
 We finally went on Lake Sammamish and surfed behind Devin's dad's boat. We both grew up on this lake. Always feels like home, and brings back lots of memories.
 Someone is really into shopping lately. I kinda love it and kinda don't, when I actually want to leave.
 We went to the beach to watch the sunset and play at the playground.
 Finally pulled our our rackets and played tennis one afternoon. We found some hidden trails to walk and a few new parks which was so much fun. Love exploring together as a little family.
We went to Ballard to check out a flower shop Devin's mom wanted us to see. We are in the planning stages of changing our front yard. It's hard to know what the best plants will be and what will look the best since we haven't done this before. Luckily Devin worked for BYU landscaping while we were going to school and both of our parents have green thumbs so hopefully that will help us! Projects can seem overwhelming around here lately. I can't wait to get started and then I remember how much work and money it takes while at the same time taming a wild toddler. At the same time, I'm just so grateful we have a home to live in and what these kind of experiences bring. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last weekend was my little sister Kate's wedding. It could not have been a more perfect day. I am so proud of her for how hard she worked to put it all together and for finding the perfect guy for her. I will post some of the real photos when I get them from Kate....

The night before the wedding, all of my family drove into town. We had a little pizza party at a park so we could all catch up. 
We also did a few last minute preparations for the next day. Kate and Robert gave the guests fortune cookies with fortunes inside that they customized.
The next morning my mom, sister, and I headed over to Kate's house to get ready. When Kate's hair was done my mom headed out to help set things up at the venue and just us sisters had the morning together. It was such a special time to just be alone together and laugh. All three of us hardly get to be alone together and it was a moment I'm thankful we had.
 Kate had a limo pick us up and pick up her other bridesmaids and head to the venue. We had a blast dancing all the way there.
The wedding was at the Seattle Design Center in downtown. It was SO beautiful inside. It really was the perfect spot. This was in the middle of set up. I'm standing at the top of the stairs where Kate walked down.  
 Kate had 1,000 paper cranes made for good luck. One of my favorite decorations.
Instead of ordering a dress for Chloe, I designed one to match my sister Emma's dress, and Devin's mom made it for me! She even made a dress to match Chloe's favorite baby doll and hair clips. The back of the dress is my favorite part (I'll have to post later). 

 I am SO happy Kate married Robert. He is SO good to her and I was emotional the whole day seeing how tender he was toward her. Chloe has loved Robert from the start, and I'm happy we get to have a fun brother in-law.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I don't like to get too personal on social media and I feel a little strange posting this, but I feel like an experience I recently had is one that can bring awareness to my friends and family and one that reminds me of how grateful I am for my health.

About a month and a half ago I was getting pain in my right breast. One day when I was experiencing pain, I felt a lump. It worried me enough that I went to see my doctor. She told me to wait for a few more weeks and if it doesn't go away we needed to schedule an ultrasound. 

Fast forward to a few weeks...the ultrasound did detect some sort of a cyst. They couldn't be sure what it was so I was then scheduled to get the cyst biopsied. The explanation of the procedure terrified me and I almost canceled it just because I didn't want to go through with it. 
(Dev made me take a pic to make me laugh while we waited to start the procedure) 

Although there were a few mishaps and scary things during the procedure, everything went well. For me, having sweet nurses can change any experience in the hospital. 

Two days later I got a call from the hospital with the results. Luckily the lump was benign! What a relief. Although it is benign, I still have to wait to see what my doctor thinks we should do from here. I'm just thankful I'm healthy and that I can move on.    

I decided to post this personal experience purely to encourage other women to please do self breast exams monthly. Learn how to do them and what to be looking for. Even if you are not experiencing pain or other symptoms, lumps can still be found. 

There are a few things I learned through this experience:

1. Always listen to your body. If you feel like something is off, never second guess yourself. We have amazing bodies that do so much for us and it is always our job to take the initiative in caring for them. 

2. This is not as uncommon as I thought. I learned that 4 people Devin and I know have all had this procedure. All 4 of them found the lump in their 20's.

3. Having the support of close friends is such a blessing. I didn't realize that sharing this news with a few of my best friends would leave me feeling so loved and cared for (along with my amazing husband and family).

SO check your boobs people!! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

 We are finally in our new home! We still have boxes to unload but I'm just happy we are finally getting settled. I still am in shock that this is our home. It is a very surreal feelings, still. I have a lot of weird emotions about it but mostly just REALLY grateful. Having a garage and being as loud as we want are huge luxuries for us now. We can't wait to get started on some fun projects we have in the dead grass in the back of this pic.....
 It's been so much fun to play in our yard. Every morning Chloe and I have been going on walks around our neighborhood and saying hi to our new neighbors.

Chloe helping Dev adjust something under our sink. Loving this house life. 
 Chloe and selfies....
I decided instead of putting everything together right when we moved in, I would rather take my time and remember to enjoy this summer weather we have. Chloe and I have been trying to do fun things in the water as often as we can. Earlier this week we met up with some friends and went to a splash pad with a play ground. So fun.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It has been a SUPER stressful and busy summer so far around here. We bought a house!! We couldn't be more excited or grateful that we could do this. It is scary, and stressful, a lot of work, and really confusing but this weekend we finally will get to move into our new home! We will miss being able to lounge on our deck, play at the pool, and say hi to everyone at our complex, but we are so ready to be in a home. 
 Chloe fell asleep holding onto Devin's chin one morning. She is the funniest.
 More daddy love. Devin is in heaven whenever Chloe rests her head on him.
 Trying to catch some rays in between packing and signing lots of papers.
 My two sleepy heads.
Hoping we can get through this weekend problem free and start to enjoy our new place!

Monday, June 30, 2014

 Always fun having play dates with friends. Chloe sure does love Makhi. The minute they see each other they hug and kiss.
 I told Dev the other day, sometimes I just look at Chloe and get teary eyed. The love I have for this girl is indescribable.
 Devin surprised me on Friday with a date night. We left Chlo with my inlaws. We spent the whole evening at ikea. Being alone together is so crucial and I love that even a simple night out can add so much to our relationship. We have so much fun together.
 Devin has been playing spring softball and last week was his last game. If the babe isn't too tired and it's an earlier game, we come to cheer him on and play at the playground. Now he is going to start up summer ball which he loves so much.
 Clearlyyyy it was nap time but I loved dressing up my family in patriotic outfits for church this last Sunday.
I get to work with the missionaries for church. I have been working with them for over a year now. It is so amazing to see these young girls dedicate a year and a half of their lives to share the gospel. These last two girls became my really good friends and I'm sad that they are moving on to a new area of Seattle. I will miss them! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's that time of year again where my little sister comes and visits Seattle for a month! Chloe and Emma are 2 peas in a pod, not to mention they look alike. It's so nice to have the help with Chloe (built in babysitter), but also nice to be with my sister and make summer memories together. So happy to have her here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We have had a lot of exciting, scary, big changes happening in our lives right now. It's crazy how its all happening at once. Although it has been very overwhelming, I have also been brought to tears with how blessed we have been. I know that God truly guides us and as long as I have Dev and my baby by my side, I know we can do anything!
 Okkk, I can't even take Chloe and Makhi together. He drove her all around the yard at full speed with the jeep radio blaring Katy Perry.

 I bought this stroller for $1 at a garage sale a few weeks ago and now we can't go anywhere without it. Best dollar I ever spent.
We went with Devin to the gym one morning to watch him work out and then we played some basketball.
Another shot of me babysitting my cousin Ava I like to send to my aunt. Man, you quickly forget how small your baby once was. Chloe seems so huge next to her.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

When babies turn 18 months at church they get to go to nursery. I was so nervous about it but Chloe did so well. She wasn't scared or resistant at all..and yet I still worry and want to protect her. I know this will be a fun big step for her, and me!
 We are still nursing over here. I have had a lot of people ask when I will stop. I truly am ready to stop now, but Chlo is the one who wants to keep going. I know if I worked on it, I could get her to stop. I just feel conflicted at the moment because of the effort it will take and also because I know she is happy to keep going. Also, in a way I feel bad for taking that away from her. Either way I feel so lucky that we have gotten this far. Nothing has been more bonding and I am proud of myself for providing the best type of nutrients for her, not to mention I can attest to anyone that it has saved her from quite a few colds and a 24 hr flu Devin and I have gotten.
 I babysat two other kids one day last week. Let's just say I am really not ready for another kid yet (those are Chloe's hands reaching for the baby).
 Baby girl got shots the other day. She couldn't even walk and limped around for 2 days after.
 Memorial day was so fun. We went to visit Devin's grandpa and great grandparent's graves in down town Seattle. Interestingly when we got there a group of people were cleaning off their headstones and happened to be distant relatives of his grandparents. After, we went to lunch and a park with my uncle,aunt, and baby cousin. The sun came out, we watched airplanes by Boeing fly in, and had the most delish sandwiches.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We have been out in the sun and taking lots of walks lately. We stopped by the animal food store so we could visit the baby chicks.
 I am really not an animal person but Chloe loves them. A few of my friends and I took our kids to the zoo the other day. It was so much fun. I think Chlo is a little bit too young still but she did love the farm animals and the penguins.

 We went to our friends house for a birthday party and ended up playing on the lake. Can't wait for more summer days on the water.
Today I took her swimming at our local city center. We had such a fun time. I kept thinking about how lucky I am to be able to stay home with Chlo and do fun things like this together. When we got home she sat right here and waved at me and said 'hi'.