Tuesday, December 16, 2014

 I work with the girls at my church ages 8-11 every other Wednesday. We have a little youth group activity together. As a little Christmas gift to all the girls I got them each a pair of Christmas socks with some candy.
 We were a little sad this year that we didn't go all out on our Christmas lights on the house. We decided we needed to wait for the after Christmas sale to stock up so we didn't spend too much on full priced lights.
 The bookstore near our house had Santa come read some books to the kids and my friend invited us to come along. I love our little community.
 Now that Chloe is two, the gym I go to finally will let her go to the daycare and I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go before Devin leaves for work. I love checking in on her. She is always playing just dance and the babysitters are always telling me how funny she is.
 Thank goodness for Christmas books. I have been putting her in her bed for naps and she just reads her books until she falls asleep. Notice she is still in a crib. I refuse to change to a toddler bed until she tries to escape. I don't want to deal with her trying to get out of her room all the time... yet.
We saw Santa again at our church Christmas party. She always wants to see him but never wants to sit with him.
We have been having a great holiday season so far. I hope we can do some more of our fun traditions before next week! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My favorite thing ever is waking up on a Saturday morning and realizing Chloe and I get Devin to ourselves the whole day. Last Saturday we got outside to put up a few Christmas lights. Chloe was killing us with cuteness so we whipped out the camera all day with her. 

 I put these red skinny jeans on her and she was obsessed with the pockets..anything with pockets is her favorite.
 She has been setting up the gifts under the tree as a stool to take off the ornaments and put them back on. The magic of Christmas with a toddler is the best!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

For Thanksgiving we drove the 12 hours to Idaho to be with my extended family. The drive was long, but I was proud of our babe for doing so well the whole way through. 
This was the first time my whole family on my mom's side was all together in what seems like forever. My sister even surprised us all and flew in the night before. We had such a great time together. I'm so glad that we stayed a full week. We actually got to do everything that we wanted while we were there. (I stole these pics from my sis)
 We usually have Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. They live in a tiny little town that only has a few hundred people in it. Because there was almost 50 of us, we decided to have Thanksgiving at the local church building since there was more room there. At first I wasn't happy about that but it ended up being so much fun. We played lots of games and could chat easier with everyone spread out.
 One thing Devin loves to do in Idaho is go shooting. One of my cousins got a gun on black Friday so all of us went shooting one day.

So thankful we got to make such fun memories! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chloe turned TWO last week. I woke up really early the day of her birthday because I was so excited. Devin and I agreed that it felt like our own birthdays. She woke up to a new slide and balloons at the bottom of it. She was screaming with excitement. It made my whole day, and I love that she loves it so much. 
 Our house is so dang cold in the morning, hence the red nose and blue lips, but she was so happy to see her big surprise.
 Devin was able to take off work that day. We took her to the American Girl Doll store to play and then we ate lunch at their bistro where she was able to eat with the babies and get special birthday treatment. We call it 'the baby store'. It is her favorite place to go and we had a blast.
 A few days later we had a party with all of her friends (excuse the background. We are in house makeover mode). We played a few games and sang some songs since Chloe loves to sing and dance.
 I needed to have a good laugh, so I blew up a photo of Chloe and I made all the adults play 'pin the party hat on Chloe. '
 We had lots of good food and sang to our little diva. She cracked me up while we were singing to her, she decided to grab a sandwich and start eating it.
 Makhi (her bestie), Mia, Kori, Ava (her second cousin)

Chloe is so special to us. I am so thankful I am her mom. Happy Birthday to our sweet girl. Time is going too fast!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some iPhotos from our trip to San Diego.....

This was outside of our hotel before we headed to the beach. Chloe's baby always has to come with us where ever we go. 
 I was really proud/surprised that Chloe did so well with jumping in the pool with this little floaty around her. Ps. she also pooped in the potty for the first time randomly while we were there. She just told me she had to go and I set her on the toilet and she went! I think we may try potty training once we get back from Idaho for Thanksgiving
 Every day in the late afternoon we would relax by the pool. These two were sharing chips.
 Holy cow am I glad this was as far as we traveled. Any longer and we would all go crazy. Chloe lasted an hour before she turned into a lunatic.
 We made it a point to find reallyyy good food while we were there. SO glad we have the Yelp app on our phones. We found some true gems. Our favorite was this random hole in the wall authentic Mexican food. Everything was SUPER cheap and the menu was in Spanish. It was so freakin good we had to go twice.
 In and Out is like Starbucks in WA. It was packed every time we drove by. We had to get a few shakes since it was right next to our hotel.
 A random selfie...and chewing on gum. Gum is her latest obsession.
 The San Diego temple blows my mind. I got a little emotional while we were walking around it. I can't believe my church builds beautiful buildings for such beautiful purposes. Thankful we could drive by it our last night.
 One of the nights we went into the city for dinner. We found this BBQ restaurant (BBQ is our favorite). This place was where Top Gun filmed a scene. It was fun and so good!

I can't say enough how much fun we had. SO thankful we could make these memories together just the 3 of us! I love my little family so much. 
We were able to go on a last minute vacation to San Diego just the three of us last week. It was by far one of the best vacations I have ever been on. The whole city was SO empty. No one was ever on the beaches, we could park anywhere in the city, and we had our hotel pool to ourselves the whole time. 

We could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. I haven't felt that relaxed and content in a while. We loved every minute. Devin has been working hard at his job as well, so this was just what he needed. 

These are some beach photos. I will post more of our trip with our iPhone photos later....

Coronado was my favorite beach. The sand was the best, no one was there, and it was the most peaceful. 

Chloe loved it as well. She would dig in the sand and then go jump in the waves with Devin over and over.
La Jolla was pretty and we got to see some seals but the birds there were insane. They attacked us when we were eating lunch and even ate bread out of a guys mouth sitting next to us. No thank you!

Every mid afternoon we would drive home from the beach, Chloe would fall asleep. We would take her carseat and put it by the pool while we relaxed and swam. It was the best.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Like everyone else, we had to visit a pumpkin patch. We decided to check out one we had never been to. Once we got there, we were a little surprised to see how huge this patch was.
 Chloe has loved her baby doll since she got it last Christmas, but recently she has been so attached to her that baby goes with us wherever we go and also sleeps with her (I think their hair was matching on this day.. wild and ratty).

 She LOVES animals (didn't get that from me). They had a few there she got to feed.
 We got some corn on the cob, went for a hay ride, and played around. I love Fall days with my little family.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dev and I love to get into the holidays. Since we have a house to celebrate in this year, I decided to throw a Halloween party. We invited our closest friends over for food and Halloween games.

I have seriously never laughed harder. We had such a fun time. We forgot to take a shot of just my little family, but Chloe was Tinkerbell, I was Wendy, and Devin was Peter Pan.
 A mouse and black eyed pea.
 Brody and Chlo. Brody is 6 months younger then her but they look the same age.
 Pirates and a dragon.
 Red riding hood and the wolf.
 Bun in the oven, chef, and cupcake.
 I had a few games for the kids first. It was so fun to watch them 'fish' for candy. They also did ghost bowling, and glow in the dark ring toss on the pumpkins.
 I did some minute to win it games that were hilarious.
 Next up, my favorite part of the night. Doughnut eating contest. I told the boys that whoever won would get a prize for their wife. Also, I told them if the doughnut fell to the ground they would have to eat it off the floor to win....

 I literally still laugh out loud looking at these photos. I love our friends and so glad we could spend a night of Halloween fun together.
ps. ignore the bad paint job. We are about to paint our downstairs this week!