Wednesday, February 18, 2015

About three weeks ago we started potty training! Chloe was showing lots of signs she was ready but I reallyyy didn't want to take the 'potty train in 3 days' approach. The 3 day training sounded torturous for both of us. I decided to just have her in panties at home and diaper when we are out and just ask her when I thought she would need to go. Needless to say, she is a ROCKSTAR. I'm really happy we took the approach we did. She didn't expect any treats and she felt no pressure. She just goes when she needs to. 
Our potty training experience was a dream come true. The only thing we have to get down is night time.  Go Chloe!
Had one last play date before one of my best friends had her second baby, Koko!
 Making all things in heart shapes the week of Valentine's Day. I love to make this easy healthy pancake recipe for Chloe and I in the morning. Just two eggs and one banana with a little cinnamon and vanilla in it.
 We hadn't visited Devin's office in a while so we decided to surprise him and eat lunch with him one afternoon. It turned out to be a sunny afternoon so we walked along the water to the restaurant. He works in such a pretty location.
The day of Valentine's Day Devin's brother, Brendin proposed to his girlfriend Emily at Snoqualmie Falls. We all went golfing after to celebrate.
 Chloe is my biggest source of entertainment. Always has to take a purse and pretend phone when we are out.
Every other Wednesday I work with the 10-11 year old girls at church. I plan a little activity for them. This week I had my friends Jamie and Larissa come teach them a jump rope class. Larissa and Jamie teach jump rope classes to kids of all ages and so it was so fun to see them with these girls. 

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  1. Go Chloe! Sounds like a dreamy potty training experience for sure!