Saturday, January 31, 2015

Devin and I celebrated our 6 YEARS of marriage a couple weeks ago. So cliche, but it's true that time really does FLY!  I feel so old saying 6 years. I was thinking about how blessed I feel to have found the love of my life at only 20 years old. He really is my best friend. 

Because the date landed on a 3 day weekend we wanted to plan a little vacation just us but I told Dev I thought it would be better to put our time and money into working on our home and to save it for next year. 
We left Chloe at Dev's parents and we went to Bellevue and ate at a Thai restaurant at the Bravern.  

We went to a sweet bakery for dessert in old Bellevue. 
 I got the macaroon and he got the peach crisp...or maybe I ate half of his and ordered another macaroon too. HA!
 We did some shopping afterward and just had a really great chat about life. I love this guy forever.

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  1. How did you like the Thai place? You guys look great, looks like the perfect outing!