Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chloe has never really had a bad cold before. Maybe a runny nose for 2 days but that is about it. Last week she was as sick as I have ever seen her. We took her to the doctor and there they told me she had a fever of 105! I broke down crying. I felt horrible that I hadn't taken her to the emergency room and instead was more worried about not being an over dramatic mom. If there is one thing about motherhood I have learned, it is that my instinct is most always right and to never listen to what others tell me. 

It took what felt like forever to get her well again. As soon as she was better, Devin and I got hit with colds. Luckily, I think we are on the up now. 

Since it is winter and we can't do much work on our yard, we have been working on projects inside. Although this house was built in 2006, it still was built with light wood baseboards and light wood doors. So ugly! Devin and I decided we wanted to rip them out and put white ones in. He is all about doing projects in the house by himself. I love his passion for working on our home and doing it himself but, it has been hard for me to not go crazy with a half torn apart house. I'm trying really hard this year to embrace it and TRY to enjoy the process.
Here you can kind of see the white casing of the bathroom door that Devin installed. And in the back the ugly light brown door we took out for now.
 Here he is working on all of the boards. Hoping to have this project finished for the down stairs by February. Fingers crossed!
 I felt like these past couple weeks I was getting in a winter rut. This week the sun came out. It was freezing butt cold but I forced us outside even with my cold. It made SUCH a difference to our week. It's amazing what sun and fresh air can do for the body, and soul.
 My grandma sent Chloe such great gifts for Christmas. One was called a 'busy box' which is full of simple crafts Chloe can do. I had never seen one of them before and am for sure going to buy another once we have finished all the crafts.
The other gift my grandma cut out thousands of different shapes on construction paper and put them in different bags so Chloe could take them out and glue them. She is obsessed! Thankful we have some fun activities to do in the winter.

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  1. That's so sad Chloe got so sick! I hate when kids are sick! so excited to see your house in May!!!!! It looks beautiful! I love the idea to have shapes pre-cut for kids to cut out.... I need to do that for my kids!