Monday, January 5, 2015

Like everyone else I can't believe that the new year is already here. I hate to say goodbye to 2014. We were blessed beyond measure. Our greatest change and biggest accomplishment was buying our first home back in July. We also got to travel to Florida, San Diego, and Idaho, which were some great highlights of our year. 

This New Year's Eve we went over to our friend Jamie's house. We actually spent these two babies first New Year's together 2 years ago. Time flies! 
We ate some yummy food her mom made and chatted and played card games. 

 I meannnn. I die looking at this. Next time they will be teenagers for crying out loud.

 We spent new year's day starting new house projects. In the evening I made a fancy Italian dinner, roasted veggies in a balsamic honey glaze along along side a chicken dish with spinach and cream sauce rolled in it.
Devin and I decided we want to start each new year with a family theme that we will try to live by for the year. Before we ate we started with prayer, and then I gave a little family devotional about what our family theme would be this year.
I decided it would be 'adding an extra measure of kindness to our family members' . I found a scripture in Ephesians that talks about kindness and cheerfulness. This year we are devoting ourselves to being more thoughtful and loving when it comes to each other and to our extended family (brothers, sisters, and parents).

Happy New Year! I hope Dev and I can create a wonderful 2015 together!

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