Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My dad had a work trip to Hawaii so we babysat my childhood dog Petey for a week and a half. I know that Chloe would love a dog. It was so much fun seeing her take care of him. BUT, the dog HAIR. Oh my gosh. A huge clean freak like me can't take it (hence the blankets covering the couch and the rugs put up.) Overall though, I would say it was a great experience for Chlo. 
 I love shopping with her..most of the time!
 She was on a hair strike for a while, only letting me put a small braid in her hair every day. Now, she totally lets me do whatever most of the time so I have been experimenting with all kinds of styles. It's still pretty hard to do much with a crazy two year old's hair but it has been fun for me.

Most of the spring blooms have passed since we had such a warm winter but the rhododendrons are in full force right now in Seattle. It's such a Washington plant to me and I loveee seeing them bloomed everywhere we go.

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