Monday, June 1, 2015

My 2 1/2 year old is such a big girl. I love getting to ditch the pants and sweaters for summer clothes! 
 Devin's best friend Tommy and his family had one night left in Seattle so we decided to have a big dinner with some of our other close friends. Jamie was gracious enough to have it at her parents home. Holy cow was it a great night. We all brought food for a big BBQ, lit off some fireworks, played, and chatted all night..or until 10pm.
 On Saturdays I know we have lots of house projects to do but it's hard not wanting to spend it going on adventures. We decided to go hit some golf balls as a little family. So entertaining. My favorite part was Chloe watching Devin and I and saying 'ready set go! woohoo!'
 We started painting our kitchen during Chloe's nap time and then it was off to another adventure. We went to Seattle and canoed over by UW with my brother in-law and his fiance. Chloe got her own kid paddle which was adorable. Another couple canoeing gave us a bag of doritos to feed to the baby ducks..Chloe ate half the bag. She was also 1 pound under to be able to canoe but we talked them into letting us rent one anyway. Then we met up with more family for burgers and shakes.
 Another fun hair-do for Chloe at church on Sunday.

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