Monday, May 18, 2015

Long time no blog! 

I finally went to the Maltby Cafe. Every one in this area talks about how it is the best breakfast place around. I went with some friends to surprise Gentree (the one in the middle) for her birthday. Highly recommend eating there!
 This cheesy face reminds me of myself at her age!
 The onlyyyy photo I got of Chloe and I on mother's day. Obviously she was cooperating so well. I was so bummed this year. Devin got so sick with the flu so we couldn't do anything special. Luckily, we spent the day before in Seattle doing all kinds of fun things. ps. that is my UGLY back yard...which is the next house project on our list.
 I've been on a reading kick lately. We go to story time and the park every Tuesday with friends so it makes it easy for me to order a book and have it on hold for me when I get there.
 Oh you know...just a fire happened right outside our house. Idiot next to me had a pressure washer catch on fire and I thought my house was going to burn down. Thank goodness for fire fighters.
 They melt me. I love that Devin can have one on one time with her. He always tells me the funniest stories when they get back from their little dates.
 I threw a baby shower for my friend Jen last week. We got a private room at a delish Italian restaurant. The food was so good and I laughed the entire night. I REALLY love these girls. Always a good time.
 For some reason she always wants to snuggle Dev in the morning and wake him with a kiss!

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