Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It has been a SUPER stressful and busy summer so far around here. We bought a house!! We couldn't be more excited or grateful that we could do this. It is scary, and stressful, a lot of work, and really confusing but this weekend we finally will get to move into our new home! We will miss being able to lounge on our deck, play at the pool, and say hi to everyone at our complex, but we are so ready to be in a home. 
 Chloe fell asleep holding onto Devin's chin one morning. She is the funniest.
 More daddy love. Devin is in heaven whenever Chloe rests her head on him.
 Trying to catch some rays in between packing and signing lots of papers.
 My two sleepy heads.
Hoping we can get through this weekend problem free and start to enjoy our new place!


  1. Congrats on the house! So exciting!!

  2. Cutest little family!!!! So excited for you guys can't wait to see it in August!!!!!

  3. I am SO EXCITED for you!!! Living in a house with a kid is sooooo much nicer than an apartment. :) I feel like I loose my mind a little less. Hopefully we'll get to come see your new place soon! CONGRATS!!!!