Thursday, May 29, 2014

When babies turn 18 months at church they get to go to nursery. I was so nervous about it but Chloe did so well. She wasn't scared or resistant at all..and yet I still worry and want to protect her. I know this will be a fun big step for her, and me!
 We are still nursing over here. I have had a lot of people ask when I will stop. I truly am ready to stop now, but Chlo is the one who wants to keep going. I know if I worked on it, I could get her to stop. I just feel conflicted at the moment because of the effort it will take and also because I know she is happy to keep going. Also, in a way I feel bad for taking that away from her. Either way I feel so lucky that we have gotten this far. Nothing has been more bonding and I am proud of myself for providing the best type of nutrients for her, not to mention I can attest to anyone that it has saved her from quite a few colds and a 24 hr flu Devin and I have gotten.
 I babysat two other kids one day last week. Let's just say I am really not ready for another kid yet (those are Chloe's hands reaching for the baby).
 Baby girl got shots the other day. She couldn't even walk and limped around for 2 days after.
 Memorial day was so fun. We went to visit Devin's grandpa and great grandparent's graves in down town Seattle. Interestingly when we got there a group of people were cleaning off their headstones and happened to be distant relatives of his grandparents. After, we went to lunch and a park with my uncle,aunt, and baby cousin. The sun came out, we watched airplanes by Boeing fly in, and had the most delish sandwiches.

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  1. Ok her little face on the couch after getting shots?? So precious! Love all of your updates...good to see what you've been up to even though we're far away!