Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We have had a lot of exciting, scary, big changes happening in our lives right now. It's crazy how its all happening at once. Although it has been very overwhelming, I have also been brought to tears with how blessed we have been. I know that God truly guides us and as long as I have Dev and my baby by my side, I know we can do anything!
 Okkk, I can't even take Chloe and Makhi together. He drove her all around the yard at full speed with the jeep radio blaring Katy Perry.

 I bought this stroller for $1 at a garage sale a few weeks ago and now we can't go anywhere without it. Best dollar I ever spent.
We went with Devin to the gym one morning to watch him work out and then we played some basketball.
Another shot of me babysitting my cousin Ava I like to send to my aunt. Man, you quickly forget how small your baby once was. Chloe seems so huge next to her.

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