Friday, March 28, 2014

Life lately in iphone  pics....

 Last Sunday at church. Only 2 more months and she gets to go to nursery. We cannot wait!
My secret way of getting more veggies and fruit in her. I add kale and spinach, also chia seeds.

 Babysat our little friend Kori.
 Devin has been playing church basketball. We ran into our friend Brent the other night playing.
Bruschetta chicken is my favorite dish to make when we have guests over for dinner. We had my uncle and aunt with their new baby come over the other night. 


  1. That chicken looks amazing, you go girl!! Adorable pic of you & Chloe together. She looks like such a little girl. Can't believe how fast are babies are growing!! Glad you snapped a pic and sent to me when you saw Brent! -Jamie

  2. Teach me how to make bruschetta chicken and that smoothie with chia seeds. -love your posts Becca..

  3. Yum what is the recipe to your chicken???