Friday, December 27, 2013

Last year Christmas was a blur since we had a 1 month old. This year was fun and low key! Christmas Eve we spent time just as a little family. Devin played football in the morning while Chloe and I visited my new cousin Ava. Then we met back up and visited some more friends who were in town. Later that night we did our Christmas tradition of watching the Nativity story, blaring  Nat King Cole and reading Christmas books. 
We made a fancy dinner together. I love when we cook together...and when Devin wears my aprons. 
 Christmas morning was so much fun. We SWEAR Chloe knew it was Christmas she woke up 3 times in the night and wouldn't go back to bed until 6 am when she fell asleep in our bed... on top of my head.
 We decided we didn't want to get her much this year since she is only 1 and doesn't need much. She LOVED this rocking bike. Best black Friday purchase we made. To see her reaction when she came out was priceless.
 Her second favorite gift was her cabbage patch doll my mom gave to her. She practically ripped it out of the box. She burps it, feeds it, and hugs it so tight. Such a joy to watch her be a little mama!
Morning Christmas selfie.
We had my family over for brunch, gifts, and games. Later in the day we went to Devin's parent's to open gifts and play. After, we headed to his aunts for a big dinner. 
This holiday season was a little more meaningful to me. I thought a lot about my grandpa. I am grateful we celebrate the birth of Christ. Without him, I wouldn't be able to see my grandpa again one day. I'm grateful for my Savior who feels how much I miss my grandpa and helps remind me of forever families. 

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  1. Your morning pic is my fave! This post is beautiful and little Chloe's excitement is to die for! Love that you had an intimate Christmas! You guys look GOOD!