Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lately according to my iphone...
 Obsessed with her new bike...and our new head phones.
 Frequently finding her taking things apart. This night she threw all her diapers out as fast as she could and sat in that basket for quite a while.
Met up with our Mia girl. Seriously this girl is a crack up. I HATE that she doesn't live by us because they would have a ball together, not to mention I need Lisa in my life. 
 Again...obsessed with her bike. She now will stand like this but lift one leg in the air, being a little trickster.
 Audrey Hepburn inspired church outfit. I wish I got the shoes and new pea coat she has in this photo. I have too much fun dressing her up.

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  1. She is getting too big!!! I love her so much it's nuts and yes, we all need a little more Lisa and Mia in our lives! So glad you guys got to see each other, looks fun!