Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I was so exhausted from Thanksgiving but I knew that when my family came I wanted to have a little family party for Chloe since everyone was busy around her real birthday. So the Saturday after T-day I made brunch and had our family over to our apartment club house. It was low key, but still a time to celebrate with all the people who love her most. 

 I made egg muffins (super simple and delish), yogurt and granola, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, doughnuts, and fruit. Thanks to my friend Dani for making her name banner and Stasia for the garland!


  1. Ah I can't believe Miss Chloe is 1! love her crown, and love that you got to have a family party!

  2. That menu sounds delish! Decor looks fab, and Chloe is glowing as usual!