Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Thanksgiving I hosted at my apartment. It was a little squishy with 11 people but it all worked out so perfectly! I am thankful that all of my immediate family could be together since it doesn't happen often anymore. I planned a few really fun games after we ate and we laughed and enjoyed the whole day.
 Chlo bear is starting to walk a little more...when she feels like it.
 My mom was in heaven spending time with her only Grandbaby. She spoils her every time we see her. I don't mind and neither does Chloe.
 I had to some how squish two tables in my dinning room so I tried my best to make it look cute.

I am so grateful we had such a great weekend. Devin and I have been so blessed this year and I loved that I got to host my family. 

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