Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of Chloe's favorite things is bath time. Every morning I nurse her, cuddle in our bed, hit the gym, play while I eat breakfast, and then it's bath time!
 I didn't think I would use her little bath tub but she has loved it because she can kick and splash in it.
 Since Dev is at work during the day, occasionally we bath her at night too so he can see how much fun she has.


  1. How do you control the temp? Vivienne freaks in the bath and I think it may be because she gets cold...

    1. Hey Carly-- I do a few things to make sure she stays warm. I keep the bathroom door closed to keep in the heat, fill the tub up rather, and I actually keep the water very warm. I check on my elbow and if it feels hot on my elbow I know the temp is just right.

  2. Bathtime is the best! We always bath the kids at night, and its my favorite part of the day! Just wait till she can sit up and play, it gets even better! And Ashlyn showers with me everyday so she gets a shower and a bath :)

  3. She is sooooo cute! Love her little bum! I'm pretty sure when I was finishing school at night, Tommy gave Miles a bath every night because he loved it so much!