Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 Months
Chloe has taught me this month to believe in her and worry less. She is resilient and has a great temperament. She has taught me to trust her and myself and it will all be fine. 
Being a mother will teach you so much about yourself.
  • Switched from her bassinet to her crib!
  • Loves to suck on her hands and drool like crazy
  • Had her first giggle
  • Still sleeps through the night 8:30pm-7am We still tuck this girl in WIDE awake. She smiles and goes right to sleep. (Unreal. I know.)

I wish she would be my little baby forever.


  1. You'll be amazed at how quickly the time goes and before long they are actually your little buddy- walking around and becoming a pretty functional mini person capable of cognitive thinking- it's strange and beautiful, the one thing that I've realized is that as much as I keep wishing for my little guy to be little forever, every stage seems more fun than the previous- it only gets better, more challenging in ways, but more and more rewarding and fulfilling. Being a mom is AMAZING! Enjoy your little angel!

  2. precious pictures! BEAUTIFUL photo of you and chloe together.

  3. she is such an angel!! love the pictures and love the shirt she is wearing. :) I'm so happy I got to see you guys! And I sent a little bag of things home with my mom for Chloe!