Friday, February 15, 2013

Chloe and I arrived home last night from our trip to Idaho. I was reallyyyy hesitant to go on this trip. I was so glad I did though. Chloe finally got to meet my extended family and to spend more time with my mom and sister since she was born.
packing & chloe at the airport
Besides one huge blow out and a few fussy moments at the airport she did great traveling. Plus, I saw one of the Real House Wives of Atlanta and she said hi to me ha
 My mom reading a book to Chloe that my little sister Emma bought her
 Chloe meeting one of my best friends Lisa's baby Mia who was so cute and just wanted to give Chloe kisses
My family loves sweets. I had wayyy too many. But enjoyed every bit of it.

Had to hit up all my favorite places to eat
I loved seeing her with my family. I so wish they could see her on a more regular basis.
I went to visit my old school which I miss terribly. I got a cheesy BYUI shirt for Chloe.

We made sure to stock up on bows while we were there.

I know these two will grow to be very close. I am so thankful she will have a good example to follow
When we finally made it to the Seattle airport someone was very excited to see us.
We missed Devin so much while we were away!
Overall we had a great time. I am glad I survived our little adventure. I think it was good for us to get out of the rain for a little while and enjoy family. I feel so blessed that Chloe adjusted so well, it made things so much easier for me. Can't wait for Devin to come with us next time.


  1. omy!! Thats a lot of packing!! I'm the same way :) Those cupcakes look delicious!!

  2. so glad your trip went well with chloe!! she is such a doll seriously and she looks so much like devin! i miss byui too!