Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm a list maker...and I mean serious list maker for anything and everything I do. The other day I made a list of fun goals for Dev and I for the month of November. One of them being baking pies together.

Ever since we have been married Dev ends up making the crust and I make the filling for our pies. So last night we put on some music and we baked. ...He is way good at those crusts let me tell you!

 Being surrounded by electronics all day at work, it was such a refresher to just chat and create!
Also, UPS finally shipped me my new Nike Frees! My dad had gotten me a pair for my birthday but not the ones we wanted because they were all sold out, so we patiently waited and finally got these ones! I was so excited I put them on and made Devin take a pic. Can't wait to hit the gym in these babies, and or run errands.


  1. k seriously you guys are so fun! i love that maybe ill make a list ;-) i totally want your nail polish in that pic....CUUUTE shoes by the way!!!

  2. she wants your nail polish, i want your SHOES!! ;) so cute, love the color!
    when i saw that pie crust that he made, my eyes almost popped out of my head! wowo!

  3. Yay!! Im glad u finally got the ones you wanted! Super cute! You will LOVE them

  4. What a fun night to bake pie with your hubby! I should get my hubby in on something like that! ...And those shoes are amazing! I keep hearing such great things about them