Monday, November 7, 2011


Have you made hot chocolate in an actual hot chocolate maker that even has a frother?? It is unreal and you will never use a microwave again!
Try this next time you make some hot cocoa:
1 scoop of hot chocolate mix
1 TBL of pumpkin puree
sprinkle in cinnamon
sprinkle in nutmeg 

A plus working from home- Seeing all the beautiful leaves outside my window!!

This is a look of guilt for ordering pizza for dinner. When we were back at BYU-I he would find any excuse to order the 5 dollar pizzas down the street...let's just say I am over pizza and feeling like a grease ball after eating it.


  1. what is your hot cocoa maker called?

  2. mm that hot chocolate sounds good!
    and i totally know what you mean about pizza, i'm so over it after rexburg too!

  3. That hot chocolate sounds so good! I am so happy it is cold enough to start drinking again.

    I will never be over pizza, I love the pizza here and if you ever come out to visit I will take you to the best pizza places!

  4. YUM. I am always looking for a delish hot cocoa recipe. Will have to try yours! So perfect for the fall... And girl, ditto on the pizza! We've been outta Rexburg for a year and a half and I am still tired of pizza.

  5. Pizza and hot cocoa. Way to go girl!

  6. that hot chocolate looks fabulous! and i think pizza is always the go to for college students. eric wants his little caesars practically every day. ha
    xo TJ