Tuesday, February 22, 2011

big juds

We crossed Big Jud's off our must-do-in Idaho list.  They are famous for their pound burgers- in fact Big Juds was on the Food Network. We went with our close friends and decided we were going to buy the party pack- 4 one pound burgers, 4 baskets of fries, 4 pitchers of soda, and 8ice cream cones!!

That is a lot of food
Now that is a BIG burger- shaped in heart?
Um we had half of this, if that.
Left overs anyone?
The ice cream was disgusting. We all agreed it was old, crystallized, and wouldn't melt- making us think they put some weird ingredients in it. 
Would we go there again? Defiantly not. But at least we checked it off the list, and had a ball with friends!

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  1. i remember that place! I went there a grand total of 2 times and both times i was somewhat disappointed in the food! Everyone would always talk about how great it was but in all reality it was only good because of the scenery. NOT the food. Of course all the guys would try to eat the entire 1 pound burger and would fail miserably. A Rexburg classic.