Wednesday, February 23, 2011

game night

We had friends over for a little game night. We played Pit, Guesstures, and Catch Phrase. It was sooo hilarious. Such great entertainment for FREE!

My attempt at a group shot didn't work out, all you can see is my messy apartment. 
Look at cute naked miles in the back.
We played girls vs. boys for all the games. I will have you know us girls won in an all or nothing bet at the very end.  Addison is holding our trophy.
Jeff attempting to dominate.
Dev seriously cracks me up when we play these kind of games. Sometimes he is really terrible at describing things when we play and I just sit there and laugh, love him. 


  1. Oh looks like so much fun you guys had! I miss having game nights with friends. Well... Maybe it would help if I had friends for starter... lol!

  2. those are the best games!! i wish you guys lived by us! you have some fun parties!