Monday, February 21, 2011

snake bite- our new FAV!

Dev and I are proud to say we found our new go to spot!! My mom took us down town Idaho Falls to Snake Bite. . The whole feel of the place reminded me of Seattle and the food and decorating of the restaurant was SUPERB.

They had local artists work up all over the walls. This was my favorite. 
I loved the exposed brick on the wall too, reminds me of the city.
This is what Dev had- those frys are heaven on earth. 
Mom and I shared this- so yum
Can you spot those amazing original vintage floors?? Love!
Um...I don't really know. We saw it in front of Snake Bite and I thought it was cool.


  1. The artwork is so cool! We've heard from a number of people that Snake Bite is a must eat place, but haven't made our way there yet. After seeing the inside, it's now one of my priorities :)

  2. My husband and I always see the snake bit on our way into Lemon Meringue! It smells really good, but we haven't eaten there yet. Thanks for the tip!