Wednesday, September 22, 2010

he's homeeee

Dev went on a 3 day camping trip for a school business retreat. I was all alone at the beginning of this weekly and pathetically cried the night before he left. I know I'm a little baby it was only 3 days. But You gotta give a girl a break, only been married almost 2 years and haven't been away from each other since.I know I'm a diva.
We went to Sammy's to celebrate his homecoming. If you have a real mustache on Mondays they give you a free grilled cheese...if you have a fake get it for 75 cents. Dev can't grow one..
Devs favorite


  1. This made me laugh because I hear ya girl! Zach is leaving me for 5 days soon and we haven't been apart since we've been married either. and yep..already have cried just thinking about it. glad to know i'm not the only 'diva' around here... :) glad your love is back home safe

  2. cute pictures! glad your hub is back!