Sunday, September 19, 2010

being 22

My birthday was Friday, I turned 22. At first I was a little sad...being 22 sounds so grown up to me. Then I got a text from a friend wishing me a happy birthday and telling me she hoped I was celebrating my life today. It got me thinking that birthdays are about celebrating life and not turning into an old lady. So then I wasn't that sad.

Last year on my bday I was laying in a dentist chair getting my wisdom teeth yanked out with a drill..I would say worst bday ever.  I felt so loved this year, thanks for all the birthday love and a special thank you to my man who made it extra special!

 I looked on my camera and found this picture...Dev told me he wanted to blog about the breakfast he made me. He woke up extra early so I could open gifts and eat a yummy breakfast

I have always been a girly girl and my mom knew taking me to get an hour long pedicure was the best birthday present for me (plus a few other gifts) They even gave us little drinks!

I went out to famous  dave's bbq with some friends and family too. Dev made me try the hottest sauce.. I hate anything spicy..I ended up almost gagging. 

I may do a post next on some of the gifts I got...because really...I got some great gifts this year... (nixon watch, new pair of heels, vintage camera, adorable pillow, candles,I got spoiled..)


  1. I hope you did celebrate your life!! I remember being so excited when you were born, because we finally had a niece! You were the cutest little baby. I love you!

  2. Hour long pedicure sounds so wicked nice right about now! Happy belated birthday, Becca!