Monday, September 13, 2010

pizza party

I decided to invite some couples over for a back to school pizza party. I love to get together with our couple friends because we all have so much in common during this stage in our lives.

Kelsey & Jeff (that is not a skin disorder on his face...just my bad photography skills with the blind's shadows behind me ha) they also have an adorable baby Addison who Dev and I love to play with
isn't she precious? we love her.
Clayton and Jen have been friends of mine since I lived in Vegas when I was younger..and doesn't she have nice hair? i wish mine would grow and be beautiful like hers!
Tommy (Dev's best friend) & Emily (who is due in December with baby Miles) we cannot wait to help take care of him
And our newest friends who are newly married Logan and Taylor (who always wears the cutest outfits)
can you tell who was center of attention?
ps we missed you danny and dani!


  1. this is what brent just said, "JEALOUS." so funny. we love you guys!

  2. So sorry we missed this! I love the picture of all the boys around the baby. So cute!