Saturday, September 25, 2010


Friday we decided to try the Mexican bus. I was a little reserved about it at first...I have a weak stomach and eating food from inside a bus does not seem all that legit to me.
To my surprise it was great not to mention a fun experience.
These drinks were way to sweet for me but I loved the look of them.
We were glad Danny and Dani talked us into going
Later that night we decided to go to Sammy's..famous for it's pie shakes and weekend bands performing. They just opened and they are always packed. The environment is so much fun, kind of reminds me of a downtown Seattle or U district feel. Lots of vintage and urban decorating and yummy food.
We got the peach cobbler pie shake and the strawberry cheesecake pie shake. They also have great sweet potato fries
 Emma came to spend the night with us...she stuck out like a sore thumb, every other person at Sammy's was in college. ( and don't my friends look super cute here)
They also had jon peter lewis play..who was on American Idol a few years ago. I actually really liked it but no one else I came with was into listening..more for just food. I'll have to go another time for the music.
Tired from all our great food, I walked into my bed room to find this...
Two peas in a pod watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective in their jammies.

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  1. So FUN!!! Alex absolutely LOVES Sammy's. We went there two weekends in a row, this is the first weekend we hadn't and Al felt weird about it ha ha.... I love you Becca, and I love reading about your life. Sorry Dev was sick today! Hope he feels better.