Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall is my very favorite season. I think Dev wants to smack me in the head because every time we get in the car I gaze with my mouth open and rave about the amazing trees. I can't wait for all of the fun things that come along with fall... yummy treats, decorating, costumes, corn mazes, haunted houses,fall fashion yes I love Fall.

Looking through my pictures I found these from 2 years ago a couple days after Dev and I got engaged. We went out on my scooter and his skate board and took pictures with all the pretty colors outside. It was freezing far in Idaho this fall has been HOT. Today was in the 80's!

I love this picture I took of my ring right after I got it. 
I'm going to make Dev come out with me this year and take some more fall pictures.
Hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am!

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