Tuesday, December 16, 2014

 I work with the girls at my church ages 8-11 every other Wednesday. We have a little youth group activity together. As a little Christmas gift to all the girls I got them each a pair of Christmas socks with some candy.
 We were a little sad this year that we didn't go all out on our Christmas lights on the house. We decided we needed to wait for the after Christmas sale to stock up so we didn't spend too much on full priced lights.
 The bookstore near our house had Santa come read some books to the kids and my friend invited us to come along. I love our little community.
 Now that Chloe is two, the gym I go to finally will let her go to the daycare and I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go before Devin leaves for work. I love checking in on her. She is always playing just dance and the babysitters are always telling me how funny she is.
 Thank goodness for Christmas books. I have been putting her in her bed for naps and she just reads her books until she falls asleep. Notice she is still in a crib. I refuse to change to a toddler bed until she tries to escape. I don't want to deal with her trying to get out of her room all the time... yet.
We saw Santa again at our church Christmas party. She always wants to see him but never wants to sit with him.
We have been having a great holiday season so far. I hope we can do some more of our fun traditions before next week! 

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