Monday, December 22, 2014

 Trying out one of her Christmas gifts my mom got her. We had to take it back with us when we went to Idaho for Thanksgiving, so lucky for her she has been playing with it early.
 I got together with some of my girl friends for a mini baby shower for our friend Lisa who is having another baby girl in February! It was so fun to have a girls night without the babies. We chatted for hours.
 We went to Snow Flake Lane in Bellevue. Over the years I feel like it isn't as great as it used to be and now we mostly go just for tradition but this was the first year Chloe actually knew what was going on. She got down and danced with all the dancers right in the middle of the show. It was hilarious. She does not have any reservations when it comes to dancing.
 The Sunday before Christmas is always so much fun. I love the singing and the spirit there! Chloe made the cutest ornament in her nursery class of her hand print. It is her very first ornament and I love it so much.
Devin turned 29 today!! He was a little sad about turning a year older but I tell him he has such a young spirit no one would ever guess he was almost 30! Since his birthday is a week day and so close to Christmas, I decided to surprise him over the weekend with some fun activities. We celebrated the whole weekend and I'm so glad we got to do so many fun things so that today wouldn't be such a drag.
I am so lucky to have him as a partner! I love you forever Dev!!!  

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  1. Loved our girls night out! You are so beautiful