Monday, October 20, 2014

Dev and I love to get into the holidays. Since we have a house to celebrate in this year, I decided to throw a Halloween party. We invited our closest friends over for food and Halloween games.

I have seriously never laughed harder. We had such a fun time. We forgot to take a shot of just my little family, but Chloe was Tinkerbell, I was Wendy, and Devin was Peter Pan.
 A mouse and black eyed pea.
 Brody and Chlo. Brody is 6 months younger then her but they look the same age.
 Pirates and a dragon.
 Red riding hood and the wolf.
 Bun in the oven, chef, and cupcake.
 I had a few games for the kids first. It was so fun to watch them 'fish' for candy. They also did ghost bowling, and glow in the dark ring toss on the pumpkins.
 I did some minute to win it games that were hilarious.
 Next up, my favorite part of the night. Doughnut eating contest. I told the boys that whoever won would get a prize for their wife. Also, I told them if the doughnut fell to the ground they would have to eat it off the floor to win....

 I literally still laugh out loud looking at these photos. I love our friends and so glad we could spend a night of Halloween fun together.
ps. ignore the bad paint job. We are about to paint our downstairs this week!


  1. You guys are so fun!!! Love the costumes and the donut eating contest was making me laugh as well :)