Saturday, April 19, 2014

The older I get the more I realize that I am a home body. I like to travel but, being at home is where I'm most comfortable which I actually hate to admit. My cousin's wedding was this past weekend. I was SUPER hesitant to go because we are going on vacation exactly a week later. Chloe is also a home body. Like, will not nap and is totally not herself when we go out of town. These things combined has had me all kinds of worried about traveling. 
I convinced myself that I needed to live life and not worry so Dev bought Chloe and I a ticket last minute to UT. so I could be with my family. 
It was ROUGH for me and Chlo. The plane ride was super stressful and the first night she cried for almost the entire night, which is so NOT her. I was emotional and exhausted and at the same time so happy to be with my family and be there to celebrate. 
The longer I have Chloe the more I learn about myself. Although the trip was really difficult for me, I learned a lot. I'm still so glad I went. 

 I hate being so far away from my mom and sister. It STILL blows my mind that I am 12 years older then my sister Emma and Emma is 12 years older then Chloe. She is the best aunt, not to mention I so appreciate her help with my wild woman.
 My mom loved her Chloe time. I wish we were near her so she could always give her smooches.

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  1. Cute mint colored skirt! LOVE the pic of you, Emma, and Chloe. Cute! - Jamie