Monday, April 21, 2014

I can't believe Chloe was a tiny 5 month old last Easter. She loved seeing the candy more then anything this year. I made Dev a basket too, which was fun to surprise him with.
We went to Devin's aunt's house for Easter dinner. We decided to make carrot cake and deviled eggs (recipes from Pioneer Woman...duh) for the party. When Dev and I cook together one of us will read the recipe while the other one does all the work. This time Devin did all the work and I loved watching him slave away.
 Homemade carrot cake with cream cheese pecan frosting. It was a HIT!
 The deviled eggs were delish too. I told my dad once that I wanted an egg plater. He went antiquing with my grandma and found me this vintage one.
SO grateful for my Savior. My life is whole and complete only because of Him.


  1. Can't believe Makhi was so little last Easter too! Glad you guys had a fun Easter, adorable family photo
    - Jamie