Monday, February 24, 2014

Some recent happenings...
 I had Chloe paint Valentine cards for some family members and send them in the mail with a photo of her. We sent one secretly to Devin's work. It completely surprised him and it was a hit at work!
 Chloe's first licking of the bowl and spinners when we made whipped cream.
 She is in loveee with the swings at the play ground.
 Just cooking. Notice her baby in her carseat in the back ground. She loves to be mommy.
 We went to this little country village close to our house. There are fun shops to look through and some random animals Chloe liked spotting.
We went to dinner with Jamie and Brent. After we took the kids to Petco. It's nice having friends with a kid your age.

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  1. love play dates with you & your girl!! Dinner was fun. Love your family of 3! ~ Jamie