Friday, February 21, 2014

Chloe and I both thrive on routine and schedule. When nap time comes, I jump right into my daily nap time routine. I soo look forward to this time (don't get me wrong I love being with my girl the most) and I've realized that when my kid sleeps I need to do whatever it is that will set me up for happiness and success for the rest of the day. That's just me, but it makes all the difference in our home.
My nap time routine has definitely evolved. In the beginning it was just catching up on sleep and a shower. Then it was exercise and a shower and now it's a whole lot more.Things change as she grows in all aspects of our lives. 

Getting ready for the day is key for me in not feeling gross all day.  ps. I never take selfies..awkward. 
 I figure out what Chloe and I are going to eat for lunch and try to prepare most of it ahead of time since she makes it pretty hard to cook anything when she is awake. If she is taking an afternoon nap I will try to prepare parts of dinner so that most of it is easy to do later.
 Aside from getting ready for the day, cleaning up my house and making a clear space for Chloe to play is most important to me. I can tell that she doesn't play as well with chaos and I don't function as well when my house is a tornado all day (even though most of the time it is). I do a quick pick up of the house and if there is enough time I do a few deep cleaning things.
How do people do dishes when they have kids?? Impossible I tell you!
When I get lucky and there is still somehow extra time, I sit down and have me time. I check email/blogs/internet all together or watch a favorite trashy tv show. Also, there is a really cool username on Instagram called BOFM365. They post verses to read everyday with a question from the reading. The amount they give you to read each day makes it possible to finish the Book of Mormon in a year. They also have one for the Old Testament too.
I don't know what I will do once I have a second kid around but for now I wanted to document how I spend my free time when the babe is getting her beauty sleep. I love nothing more then being her mom and through this year with Chlo I have learned that even if I'm a mom, I still need to be the best version of me--for her! 


  1. i love this post and when i read the first sentence i thought-no way! cause i just wrote a post the other day titled "thriving" all about mia's routine lately. its still in drafts, but i love what you said about being the best version of yourself, for her. I 100% agree! when im not my best self or we get off track, it definitely affects the rest of our day.

  2. Oh man! You are so on top of it! Baby boy isn't even here yet and I still find myself skipping showers, or taking them really late in the day :/ So glad I saw this though because it's so true. Making the effort and a point to do some of those simple things makes all the difference in how we carry ourselves through the day and sets us up to be motivated and prepared. Love it! Your selfie is GORGEOUS!