Monday, January 27, 2014

Since having Chloe I have learned why it is so hard for mothers to stay healthy and eat good meals. Even with one kid I find it hard not to just grab the first thing I see to shove down my throat so I can go back to playing with the babe. 
Slowly I have learned that if I want to eat a healthy lunch and make a quality meal for Dev when he gets home, there is a lot of planning and prep involved. Usually I do this when Chloe is taking her nap because when she is awake she demands my attention. Even if it means cutting up vegetables or setting out dishes and cans of things, I try to get most of it ready. 

This is what Dev and I had for lunch on Saturday. Homemade sweet potato fries with a breaded chicken salad loaded with veggies. 
 For dinner I know Devin would prefer a heavier (unhealthier) meal so I try to compromise. Here is a homemade pizza I made. Recipe from my fav woman ever-- the Pioneer Woman. We had salad on the side.
 Sometimes when things get hectic I try to find quick dinners that will still fill us up. This is the BEST grilled cheese sandwich. Again, from my girl Ree Drummond. It had hard boiled eggs, bacon, provolone cheese, and grilled onions. I added spinach and tomatoes to mine too. Recipe found here
It's hard work sometimes but so worth it to know I'm doing my best at feeding my little family. I have a new years goal to get better at cooking and to continue trying more recipes. 

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  1. You go girl! I'm sure I've already shared this site with you, but just in case I haven't... has DELICIOUS stuff, a lot of which falls under the "clean eating" category.. Skinnytaste is to me, what the Pioneer Woman is to you :) Keep it up!