Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh man, more rain and more colds! I don't know how it happened but Chloe got hit with another cold while her molars are coming in. So here are some things we have been doing this week while stuck in the house.

Look at pictures. This one is of her and my mom.
 Cuddle and watch PBS while having a bad hair day.
 Pretend we are shopping.
 Play with every toy imaginable. I got this caterpillar tunnel for 25 cents at a garage sale. I wish I had found more toys over the summer for her.
 Read books and lounge on our bean bags.
Since this is only her second cold ever (her first one was just 3 weeks ago) it has been exhausting wiping snot all day. Luckily she is still the sweetest girl! 

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  1. Poor baby! I feel like now that I have kids we are always sick in the winter:( even here in AZ for some strange reason.... Hope she gets well soon!