Saturday, November 16, 2013

More random iphone pics of our life lately.....
Blurry, but Devin's brother's little girl Ella was stopping through Seattle with her mom and Chloe finally got to meet her. They will have so much fun in a few years when they can play.
My aunt Monica is having her first baby next month. I can't wait to meet baby Ava.
Thanksgiving attire for church. My friend Emily made that darling bow! Chloe will be wearing it all month.
Ok, the faces I get from her when I am snapchatting friends. She looks insane here.
Instead of buying more toys, I'm trying to create fun and simple sensory activities with Chloe.This is us facetiming my family showing them Chloe's fascination with running her hands through oatmeal and throwing it around. It's hilarious and fun for her. Sometimes I will hide spoons in there too.
Here is another activity we did. I wrapped her blocks in tin foil and she unwrapped them and then helped me wrap them back up. I will have to share a few more ideas I have tried out with her. They have been fun to see her reaction and I know she is learning. Plus, I'm not buying a bunch of random toys. 

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  1. Mia has a little sensory bin with rice! im gonna need to do oatmeal sometime too. makes me so sad we live so far. mia needs a playmate!