Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chloe's birthday was an emotional day for me. I felt like I wasn't ready to close this chapter of her being my baby. I'm also a little nervous to begin to raise a toddler. 

It was the fastest best year of my life. I reflected a lot in the days leading up to her birthday about what the last weeks were like before I gave birth and then what my experience was going through labor, and finally what this last year has been like. I am an avid journal writer so it was really interesting to go back and read all my thoughts. 
I really can't put into words how much love we have for her. She has changed us in so many ways. 

The night before her big day we let her stay up late with us. 
Devin got to take the day off on her birthday which made it so perfect. When she woke up we came in the room with tons of balloons. She loved the little surprise.
She took a big bubble bath to start the day off.
 We had a fun photo shoot with her in her birthday dress (photos to come).
 We opened some gifts and Devin and I read her letters that we wrote to her.
 We made these amazing lumberjack pancakes  (highly suggest making them..we have already made them twice since) for breakfast.
 We took her to the pet store to see the animals and then to the toy store.
For dinner we went to this Italian restaurant by our apartment because she loves the lasagna there. Later that night we sang to her and gave her a cupcake to dig in to. It was nice just having a special day as our little family. In a few weeks our family is coming into town and that is when we will have a big party for her.

A few days later Devin's work had a little birthday celebration for her. Devin started this job 5 days after Chloe was born and it has been the BIGGEST blessing. He works with truly incredible people and he loves what he does. I could not ask for a better company for us to be apart of and I love that they love Chloe so much.

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  1. she is so perfect and so loved. you are an amazing mom.