Thursday, October 31, 2013

 We carved Chloe's pumpkin earlier this week. we thought she would love to dig her hands in and play with the mush but she actually hated it and gaged at the smell!
 I love her skeleton pjs, they glow in the dark! Dev and I can't wait to have a home of our own one day so we can go all out decorating for the holidays.
 We were cat burglars for our church Halloween party.
 She had the time of her life people watching. They had a carnival with tons of fun booths and even a photo booth. They also had a trunk or treat. Dev took her around while I passed out candy. She loved it!
 Devin's mom made her costume. Luckily it all stayed together and she never ripped it off. We had a few practice runs earlier in the day and she was not into it so I'm glad it lasted for the night!

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  1. loved your guys costumes! joe and I should have gotten creative. and in love with those booties still.