Monday, October 28, 2013

A few months ago we bought my mom's Mini Cooper S from her so Devin had a more reliable car to commute to Seattle. We still kept the Geo for a few months but decided there is no point in keeping it any longer. I got this car on Christmas day when I was 17. We are pretty sad to give it up since it has been so good to us. Except that one time I was 9 months pregnant and it broke down in rush hour traffic in the middle lane on the free way....

 One of my best girl friends from high school teaches elementary by our house so she comes to visit us. I love how much Chloe loves my friends. It's so fun to see her with them. (Notice her insane hair in this pic)
 Chloe is known as the wild girl at church. She is loud, crazy, and overly friendly with other kids. It is rough lasting the whole time but luckily Dev is the best partner and we make it work. And I'm obsessed with her new boots.
 One of Dev's favoriteeee desserts are the pretzels from Auntie Anne's in the mall but he hates to spend money on those expensive suckers. So we had his fam over Sunday night and he replicated them for us.
 Andddd Chloe's latest doing, breaking my makeup foundation and smearing it all over her pjs and the floor at 6am.

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  1. love that geo so much. i'll have to get that pretzel recipe from you! and i just cleaned up my spilled powder all over the bathroom floor yesterday. I know the feeling! haha