Monday, April 22, 2013

5 months

  • Now rolling! We find her in bed sometimes asleep on her tummy and it scares me to death. 
  • Loves grabbing her feet
  • When I hold her she always reaches for my hair and slides it through her fingers
  • Her love for reading is insane. She wants me to read at least 5 books to her at a time multiple times a day. She gets super excited and really into the pages.
  • Lately she has been wanting me to hold her a lot and take her around the house while I clean. She loves to explore and touch everything.
  • Loves to chew/suck on her wash cloth in the tub
  • Sleeping from 8pm-6:30am
Most moms get excited to start feeding their baby solids. I on the other hand am dreading it next month, as it is one step closer to her getting older and needing me less. I am a total over the top first time mom with everything. I blame my over attachement on it all the time...and you know what, I don't care! The days are long but the months are short. She is the very best thing to happen to Dev and I. We love you Chloe Mila!


  1. I think she is so beautiful! And has the most beautiful eyes! I am so glad you are so attached to your baby! It makes me sad when parents try not to be:( I think having kids is the greatest blessing in this life! So happy for you and devin!

  2. It's ok to be sad of the next step!! Will is 15 months old & I still miss breast It's so traumatizing when they can take care of themselves.

  3. I'm dreading it too! I just don't want my little baby to grow up!

  4. She is so gorgeous! I love her sweet cheeks. I wasn't sad to start solids, and really starting table food is great, messy, but great. Baby food is a little smelly :)

  5. pretty girl! LOVE these pictures of her!

  6. Hey Becca!!

    At first I went all out & bought the Oneida brand silverwear for babies, soon did I realize that the rubber top was THE WAY TO GO. Any ones with rubber work, I really like the munchkin brand rubber ones, they are wider, compared to the gerber rubber looking ones. As for bowls, I have the baby bullet, so I always used the little smiley bowl I stored it in. I use all the baby bullet storage to store them, I love it because they are super easy & even have "date" dials on them. But we also have some of the storage products from Target, you can find them in the bottle/bib section. When we first started we used rice cereal but matthew didn't like it so we gave him bananas, which worked so much better because he was so much more eager to learn how to use the spoon. It doesn't matter whether you start with veggies or fruits but something subtle like bananas, avocado, squash, sweet potato, or peas. Anything that is still a very mushy consistency to get them used to it :) Plus those are the least allergenic food products :)