Friday, November 2, 2012

 Our dinky little Halloween decor for our door. We always talk about how we want to be the crazy neighbors who go all out with tacky decorations when we have our own house one day. For now we improvise.
And a little iphone dump
 Baby clothes that look like grown up clothes KILL me. I love it.
 We found this parking spot at Whole Foods initially thinking it was handicapped and to my surprise was for ladies like me. It made my whole day, plus the apple pie sample we got inside.
 I just loved my Aunt Monica's dress last weekend.
At my aunt and uncle's wedding they had the little kids come to the front and blow bubbles during their first dance. It was soo sweet.
 Gettin crazy on the dance floor at the wedding.
 My mom on the left with 3 of her sisters (2 are missing)
 Handsome husband

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