Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 Mia Hamm and Cristiano Ronaldo 2008

"Guns and Roses" 2009
 The Flintstones 2010
Vermeer and his painting "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" 2011
This is the first year we haven't dressed up and I'm a little depressed about it. We love getting into the Halloween spirit but this year we decided to lay low with our gem appearing any day now. Instead, we are carving pumpkins, making a pot roast for dinner, watching scary movies, and passing out candy to our cute neighbors.


  1. We had a low-key halloween too! I actually liked staying in, all nice and cozy (since it was raining all the live long day here). Next year though, we'll be back out in full costumed force:-) xoxo

  2. i love all of your costumes! i love getting to dress up, but we didn't have anything to dress up for so we decided not to. i felt so lame. we had 5 trick or treaters, not even kidding. we did watch halloweentown though. next year im determined.

  3. We didn't dress up this year either! But I love seeing all of your years in the past, so funny! Can't wait for the little one to come!