Monday, July 9, 2012

We have had a whirlwind weekend. My mom wanted to throw me a baby shower but the only time she could come was this past weekend. So her, my sister, and a couple of my aunts made the 12 hour trek from Idaho, car packed FULL of baby girl goodies to make a quick 2 day trip to have a fun little get together with some friends.

My grandma got really sick and hospitalized last min. so a few of my aunts had to stay back with her, we missed you guys!
my gorgeous mom
A few of my oldest friends growing up came and it was so good to see them
And of course my sweet friends who are living in Seattle now came too (if they were in town that is, it was such a busy little weekend!)
 My fam who was you!
It's always a treat to see my little sister visit with Nicole. Ever since she was born she has loved her and they have such a sweet little bond.
Dev (his out of control hair?) and his mom- he stopped by at the end
I wish I had gotten more pics with everyone there! I had so much fun and feel so grateful for all the little goodies our little miss has been receiving.


  1. how fun, she will be here before you know it!! your mom is a babe! miss you guys!!

  2. so fun!!! wish i could have been there!!!