Sunday, July 15, 2012

 I never got an American Girl doll when I was younger (which I ALWAYS wanted) so I live through my sister (who has TWO..that's what she get's for being the youngest) We went to the store they have close by my house and day dreamed about all the dolls and their outfits..and then of course we had lunch with them too, I'm not even embarrassed to admit I loved every minute.
 Swimming with my sisters

 Grace (Emma's BFF since they were born, literally ) hot tubing
 Whoa I look rather large here...note to self never to wear this outfit for the next 3 months
When pregnant ladies say they turn into overly emotional freaks, they are not kidding. I swear these past couple weeks I either cry about everything or a overly sassy remark I would usually try to keep in my head just pops out of my mouth and I wonder why I just said something.

Emma my little sis is still in town visiting my dad, sister, and I for one more week. I already love her to pieces but now I can't bare the thought of her leaving...I seriously cry every time I think about it!

Lucky for me she is coming back to be with baby girl in a few months but I still can't shake this emotional freak I have turned into.


  1. you are looking lovely!! I remember getting an american girl doll and being so thrilled. But then all my friends got like 16 of them, which is totally ridiculous if you ask me.

  2. Haha that just took me back to childhood- I read every one of those books but never had a doll either! And by the way you don't look huge, you just look pregnant now! You have always been so tiny that your baby had to have somewhere to go, so it only makes sense to go OUT! Love the baby belly- good luck the last stretch!

  3. I absolutely loved American Girl dolls when I was younger. I once went with my mom and friend to a tea party and American Girl model show. Oh the memories.
    & you look adorable and beautiful in that dress, you're not huge at all silly!