Thursday, December 29, 2011

Devin is the kinda guy that always has to find the deals. I made the mistake of making him watch the Today show and one of my favorite segments Jill's Steals & Deals (please someone tell me you have seen this too). Anyway, a few days before Christmas we watched it and a deal game on for a $500 gift card for  Dev was all over that deal, researched it out and bought it for only 30 bucks....2 of them.

Yesterday we thought we would try out one of the restaurants included in the deal. Little did Devin know that we have to spend 35$ worth of food to get the coupon each time.
(not pictured 3 more plates full of food)
Anyone want some Chinese? We have left overs.


  1. Ha you guys are so funny! Yes I watch the today show too and always watch Jill's steals and deals. I have yet to buy anything yet though.

  2. LOL I did the SAME THING! Except I just bought $175 worth. They don't really tell you about the minimal $35 until you print the coupon :/

    I only paid $7 for the $175...not bad :)

  3. hilarious.....which restaurant?

  4. Lol! Omg! I hope that $35 was worth it. The food looks good! =)