Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandparents house with most of my extended family.

 These 4 are so cute together. I wish I had 3 cousins around the same age as I was growing up, they have so much fun together.
 We have a lot of fun traditions we do on Christmas Eve, one of them where my grandpa reads the birth of the Savior with candy names inserted into the text and all the cousins have to race to get the candy mentioned first.
 My grandparents also made 2 quilts, one for the adults and one for the grand kids. We each put our name in a jar for the drawing to win one. Olivia won the grand kids quilt.
 Cousins that were there...lots missing though!
 Our 3rd Christmas together married!
Me, my mom, and my sister Emma. Wishing my sister Kate was there.
I have so much fun with my family and am grateful we were able to drive to Idaho to be with them this year. Being away from my mom for so long makes me realize how grateful I am for all she does and has done for me.

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