Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love seafood

A few months back I was watching the Food Network that aired a segment on a seafood restaurant here in Seattle. You order big buckets of kind crab, muscles, salmon, shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, all topped with a special seasoning, and then they just spill the bowl right on your table!

Dev's cousins were in town with their wives and they invited us to go to the Crab Pot! I was in seafood heaven...right on the water, with fun friends, and delicious food!
 (iphone pic with my bib and crab!)
If you are in Seattle, I would highly recommend it..I think I'll go there for my birthday!


  1. that is so cool!! i love that you have a bib! i can't believe how long your hair is...looks great!

  2. love when food network highlights my city or a neighboring one. trying new things, especially food, makes my heart (and tummy) happy!

  3. Seafood and corn cobs! Oh, what a seafood haven! I've never been here, but as a seafood fanatic, I'd surely like to. What about the price? I hope it's reasonable, but I know you wouldn't be coming back if here if it wasn't. =) Crystal @ The Fish Bone Grill